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Monitor all your views
in one place.

Now you can keep an eye on 50+ review sites. You will save time. No need to visit these sites one by one.

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News Travels Fast,
but Bad News Travels the Fastest

The first step to solving any problem is to know that you have one. If you're like most, it is hard to keep on top what is being said about you online.

Your goal is to have all your guests be 100% happy. But what happens when they're not? They tell their friends. Well that used to be what they did. Now they don't just tell their friends they tell the world. In fact, they might even be sitting in your hotel, giving you a bad review on their smart phone. Never before has news traveled so fast.

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Knowledge is Power

Hotel Reputation Manager gives you the knowledge. Our web-based software allows you to see all your reviews in one dashboard. You can view your reviews company-wide, by region and at the individual location level.

Your dashboard will show you:

  • Where your reviews are coming from
  • The average star rating
  • How many reviews you are getting
  • List of all the actual reviews

Monitoring alone
is not enough

It's one thing to know what's going on, it's another to take action. Now that you have the reviews you can respond to them. Statistics show that when you respond to a bad a review you have up to an 80% chance to get the reviewer to change their review.

Are guests not staying at your hotel because of bad reviews? Do you even know what is being said about you online?
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